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Airport Safety 

Brantford Airport Safety Policy

helicopter flies over landed airplanesSafety at Brantford Municipal Airport (Brantford Airport), and maintaining the confidence of the traveling public in the safety of the aviation industry, is vital. Consequently, Brantford Airport will provide a systemic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing airside safety risks.

The SMS Program shall reinforce safety as an integral part of Brantford Airport culture by:

  • Establishing a safety culture in all our Airport activities, recognizing that safety is paramount;
  • Minimizing the risks associated with aircraft operations to a point as low as reasonably achievable;
  • Actively developing and continuously improving upon the Airport’s safety processes and performance;
  • Identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing necessary control measures;
  • Establishing an information system for document and records management and data control;
  • Establishing the means for planned, system wide audits and assessments; and
  • Complying with and, where possible, exceeding CARs requirements

Non Punitive Reporting Policy

If the Airport Manager (or any City employee) reports an aviation safety issue, violation, hazardous condition, error or near miss, or makes suggestions that seek to improve aviation safety, internal protocols, procedures or policy, the Manager (or employee) will not be subject to disciplinary action except in cases involving unlawful acts, gross negligence, or willful violations where the Manager (or employee) is deemed responsible for those acts and/or violations.

Fuel Policy

In accordance with the Brantford Municipal Airport Policy: Fuel Facilities/ Aircraft Refueling the City of Brantford has implemented a $0.04 per litre fuel surcharge on all fuel dispensed at the Brantford Municipal Airport.

All terms of the Airport Policy are in effect and must be observed by all companies and individuals attending the Brantford Municipal Airport site. Failure to comply may result in a prohibition of company(ies) or agent(s) delivering or dispensing fuel at the Brantford Municipal Airport.