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The Brantford Municipal Airport Provides Diverse Services 

Praxair visits Brantford Municipal Airport with 4 jets

The Brantford Municipal Airport, centrally located in southern Ontario, is your convenient and cost-effective gateway to local, national and international business markets. Serving a variety of clients, including commercial developers, leisure pilots, corporate and private businesses, chartered flights, medevac services, student transportation, tourists, aviation students, aerial photography, aviation enthusiasts and even film production.

Exceptional Facilities and Services Available


Over $1.4 million has recently been invested in new building infrastructure at the Brantford Municipal Airport including a fully-serviced 14,000 square foot clear span insulated hangar with a 70' wide x 23' high electric by-fold door and 1,000 square feet of office space (now available), as well as new T-Hangars for aircraft storage that feature bi-fold doors (14' x 15').  Although vacancies vary, a variety of hangar and plane storage facilities are available for short- and long-term leases for commercial, warehouse and T-hangar space. Many of the facilities come fully-serviced, heated, with bi-fold doors, workshop and/or office space.  

Municipally Owned

  • Three 10 bay T-Hangars
  • One Newly Contructed 7 bay T-Hangar
  • Two 40,000 sq,ft. Commercial Hangars (sub-divided)
  • One Newly Constructed 15,000 sq.ft. Commercial Hanger
  • Two commercial/storage buildings (one at 8,060 sq.ft. and one at 6,385 sq.ft.) 
  • One Airport Maintenance Equipment Storage Building (1,280 sq.ft.)

Privately Owned

  • Administration/Terminal Building
  • Maintenance Hangar
  • 9 Bay Private T-Hangars
  • Commercial Hangar (12,000 sq.ft)
  • Commercial Hangar (8,875 sq.ft.)


Plane lands during evening at Brantford Municipal Airport

Additionally, $2.3 million has recently been invested in upgrades to the three asphalt runways: all 100 feet wide, one 5,000 feet long, and two 2,600 feet long.

The airport is equipped with variable three setting, runway edge and threshold lighting with night operation of runway lights. A crew and pilot lounge offers high-speed wireless Internet capabilities, empowering guests to work on the go.

The airport also features a newly installed Global Positioning System (GPS) which allows for two types of instrument approaches: a NDB/GPS overlay approach for the long runway, and an aRea NAVigation (RNAV) approach for the shorter runway.

A range of flight planning and Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) services includes the re-fueling station and on-site aircraft maintenance, repair and avionics. The airport also offers airside maintenance operations and aircraft tie-downs.

The Brantford Municipal Airport is an efficient and cost effective destination and does not charge general aircraft landing, take-off or short term (less than 30 days) tie down fees. Located only ten minutes from Downtown Brantford, easy access to the 403 highway, and in close proximity to other 400 series highways.

Impressive List of Tenants 

There are over 115,000 square feet of commercial space at the Airport, plus over 100 acres of developable land. Current tenants utilize the majority of space and provide a variety of services, including:

  • Irwin International - Aircraft Spruce Canada's 10,000 square foot facility is a fully stocked distribution warehouse and a will-call store for drive-in and fly-in customers, offering access to Aircraft Spruce products sold in the U.S. at competitive prices and shipping rates.
  • Brant Aero, a leader in avionics installation, provides aircraft, airframe and avionic services in their 20,000 square foot hanger.
  • The Brantford Flying Club is Canada's second oldest flying club and manages air side and passenger services, operates a flight training school, provides aircraft maintenance, and leases terminal building space to the Skyway Cafe, which offers daily public restaurant services.
  • The Brantford Flight Centre Ground School offers training in meteorology, navigation, airframes, engine, airmanship, and theory of flight and use of radios.
  • Bravozulu Aviation, a private aircraft charter company, offers cabin class aircraft service for up to five passengers connecting to many south-western Ontario airports from Toronto (Pearson and Island) to London, and destinations in Canada and the United States.
  • Gilbert Custom Aircraft's commercial hanger is utilized by the Brantford Experimental Aircraft Association to build, restore and maintain home built aircraft while offering engine repairs, upgrades, trades, rebuilds, and other services.
  • Nelles Aviation, a long-time tenant at the airport, provides aircraft maintenance catering primarily to general aviation aircraft.
  • A consortium of pilots collaborating as 900060 Ontario Inc. has privately owned T-Hangers (versatile units most commonly used for the storage of aircraft with wingspan up to about 40').  

Growing into the Future

Brantford Municipal Airport's history dates to 1929 and is well-known for its services and facilities. Visitors and residents also know the City's airport for its role as an event host. The annual Brantford Charity Air Show, has generated up to $30,000 some years for local charities.

In October 2011 the Brantford Municipal Airport was host to the AMCO Conference (Airport Management Council of Ontario). The airport is also likely to continue to be popular as a film site, starring recently in Welcome to Mooseport, Where the Truth Lies, Toyota television commercials, Sympatico TV show Inside the Vault, and several CBC and BBC documentaries.

As the Airport moves forward, it seeks to build on the City's existing partnership with Laurier and Nipissing Universities and Mohawk College to attract post-secondary flight training, maintenance and avionics programs, recognizing the vital role that post-secondary education plays in achieving economic development.

Brantford Municipal Airport's future is secure. Supported by a diverse range of services and facilities it will continue to grow as a gateway for businesses and the community.